Decision of the 1st Set (第1セットの決断 Dai 1 Setto no Ketsudan) is the 84th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's strategy worked well against Alex that Eiichiro managed to win the first set but Alex is now getting used with his new style.


Alex plans to use Eiichiro's data to work against Eiichiro but Eiichiro manages to consider the possibility that Alex will notice his strategy. Eiichiro starts to adjust himself in his attacks by considering Alex's change of tactics. As Eiichiro manages to score points against Alex, Alex remembers Ike's words on him before - Eiichiro will not easily let Alex win. He is surprised that Eiichiro has already accounted all possible changes that he can make during a match as if Eiichiro is reading his mind.

Alex continuously misses his attacks but Eiichiro thinks that it is because Alex's tennis has started to change - Alex's foundation of style during a match. While Eiichiro wins the first set, Eiichiro feels that his strategy against Alex during the first set will not work anymore.


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