Surpass (超越 Chōetsu) is the 85th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Alex has starting to utilize his aggressive backhand which causes Eiichiro to put into disadvantage for the second set.


The second set starts. Since Alex changes his tennis style again, Eiichiro has to consider a lot of possibilities in each attack which causes a bit delay on his reactions. Alex has started to use his offensive backhand.

Marcia comes to watch her brother and Eiichiro's match and asks Atsushi on the current score. Atsushi comments that while Alex lost in the first set, he has started to have the upper hand due to his backhand and Eiichiro is struggling to hold his serve. Eiichiro focuses his attacks on Alex's backhand that Eiichiro is caught off-guard on an inside-out forehand attack from Alex.