Self-Awareness (自覚 Jikaku) is the 87th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro relies on his instinct in order to hit Alex's shots. While he lost the second set, his attacks are getting better that Alex intuitively decides to end the set as soon as possible.


Eiichiro's last shot went to the ideal spot even though he only decided the position at the very last minute. He assumes that his instinct is much more aware on the ideal shot. He decides to watch on the data that is in front of him and let his instincts use the old data he acquired before. Eiichiro still lost the point but he can finally able to return the serve that he cannot hit before in this second set.

On the other hand, Alex feels intuitively that he should end this set as he feels that there is something changed in this game - the intuition that only a professional tennis player has. He wins the second set using his backhand attack from Eiichiro's crazy shot. Eiichiro feels happy as he was having an incredible match from an incredible player.


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