Dream (夢 Yume) is the 88th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


On the final set, Eiichiro relies on his control while Alex relies on its power. Both of them hold their serves which leads to a tie-breaking game.


At the benches, the tennis players wonder how Eiichiro becomes very strong. On the other hand, Alex decides not to treat Eiichiro as an amateur tennis player who only thinks of winning on Japan's Junior tournament as Eiichiro has a mindset of a pro. Eiichiro makes plans for the final set - during change-overs, let his reason do the gathering and analysis of data and make a plan ahead and during the game, let his instincts do the instantaneous decisions.

Eiichiro decides where to hit at the very last moment, causing Alex not to be able to read his moves. Both of the players hold their serves - Eiichiro using control while Alex uses powerful serves and strokes - until it leads to a tiebreak. It will only depend on the player's mental strength who will emerge as the winner of this match.


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