What? (あれ? Are?) is the 9th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


While Eiichiro manages to get the first break, he starts losing as Oobayashi realizes his weakness.


Eiichiro begins his match against Ryou Oobayashi and starts demonstrating some return aces. Everyone is shocked to see him break so easily against the 5th seed. He wins the first point as a result of his body memorizing the rhythm of an ideal return.

But when it is Eiichiro's serve, to everyone's shock, he hits a weak serve and Oobayashi is able to return it easily. Coach Miura explains that his serve is weak but he was able to hit return aces as he used the power of his opponent's shot to return the ball in an ideal way. Oobayashi realizes Eiichiro's weakness and the fact that he is an amateur player. Eiichiro, knowing that it is not a good serve, decides to do his best to fight back.