Return Home (帰国 Kikoku) is the 90th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


After two weeks of fruitful stay in Florida, Eiichiro returns to Japan.


Approximately 20 hours after his match against Alex, Eiichiro is inside the airplane going to Japan. He reminisces his experiences he had during his two-week stay in Florida Tennis Academy - how he got owned by Alex in the first day, how he won the game on the final day and how his reason and instinct are working together.

Eiichiro remembers the moments before he left the academy. He thanks everyone for taking care of him during his stay in the academy. Alex tells Eiichiro that he had a great match and will pay him back in a real match. Marcia tells Eiichiro that he should become a pro as she will become as well. Eiichiro asks Coach Mike about Ike. Ike has already left for a match but he left a message for Eiichiro - to give thanks to Natsu. Eiichiro wonders why he should thank Natsu but Mike does not know the reason either. Before he left, he took a photo together with Atsushi, Krishna, Alex and Marcia. Inside the airplane, as Eiichiro is scanning his notes, he sees the messages left by Alex and others. He reflects on Alex's message - Baby Steps to Giant strides. In Japan, Eiichiro meets up with his mother and took the whole day relaxing.

Two days later, at STC, Eiichiro meets up with Natsu and others and was asked about his experiences in Florida. Natsu comments that Eiichiro does not look different but Coach Aoi replies that Eiichiro may not change outside but inside. The players are about to start their warm-up.


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