Advance (前進 Zenshin) is the 91st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


During STC practices, everyone notice on the improvement on Eiichiro's movements. Eiichiro and Natsu decide to walk together and talk about Eiichiro's experiences in Florida. Eiichiro is about to confess his feelings for Natsu but end up being interrupted by Egawa.


Eiichiro realizes that he has gained a lot of things when he is in practice in a familiar court with a familiar opponent. Coach Aoi and Coach Miura also notice the change as Eiichiro's form become smoother and got rid of his unnecessary movements. However, they believe that it is still tough for Eiichiro to win the All-Japan Junior so they still need to do what they can for improvements until the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Competition.

After practice, Natsu and Eiichiro leave the STC premises together. They talk about Eiichiro's experiences in Florida - his friends, his losing streak and Soji. Eiichiro remembers Soji's message - that Eiichiro should thank Natsu. Eiichiro asks Natsu about it but Natsu does not give a definite answer. They also talk about Soji being Natsu's fiancee - which turned out to be a promise when they were little. Natsu asks Eiichiro if he feels jealous. Eiichiro gives an affirmative answer which surprises her. After an awkward moment, Eiichiro is about to confess to Natsu but Egawa suddenly appears. At home, Eiichiro feels depressed on his confession being ended abruptly but changes it quickly as he feels that he has advanced a (half) step on that action.