Latent Power (潜在能力 Senzai Nōryoku) is the 93rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Takuma are having a three-set match. Takuma acknowledges Eiichiro's rapid evolution as he remembers Soji's growth.


As Eiichiro prepares for his match against Takuma, he wonders why Takuma seems to be mad but brushes it off as he has to focus on his match. On the first set, Takuma serves first. Eiichiro cannot manage to break Takuma's serves as the serves are very powerful that he cannot manage to hit them easily.

Eiichiro has to hold his serves as well. Using the control he acquired during his stay in Florida, Eiichiro manages to get a point from Takuma. Takuma notices the improvements on Eiichiro's attacks that he is starting to acknowledge Eiichiro's rapid evolution. Takuma remembers Soji as Soji, too, has a natural talent in tennis like him but has already gone far beyond his reach. For him, natural talent itself is not important - what's more important is how that natural talent will be used in order to survive.


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