Prioritizing Reason (理性優先 Risei Yūsen) is the 96th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro starts to study in making strong serves.


On the previous attacks, Eiichiro realizes that he, too, should have a strong serve as a strong serve will put him in an advantage. At first, Eiichiro hits the ball with all of his strength but it hits the net as he forgets to consider the rhythm and a higher point of contact. He is having a consecutive double faults which leads Takuma to win the first set but Eiichiro's strong serves are improving as well. Eiichiro focuses on his shoulder, elbow and wrist and moves the weight on his knee from the bottom in order form.

At Takuma's service game in the second set, Eiichiro observes how Takuma hits his serves. Eiichiro is too focused on his observation that he forgets to make an attack.


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