Analysis Ability (分析力 Bunsekiryoku) is the 98th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Coach Aoi stops the match in fearing that Eiichiro will have injuries.


Eiichiro synchronizes his waist, shoulder, elbow and wrist in order to make a successful fast serve. As his fast serves are getting in, Eiichiro uses it as well as a cover up for his slow serve in order to mess up with Takuma's timing. Takuma still manages to gain the point but Eiichiro realizes that Takuma is starting to run out of options. As Eiichiro is about to make a fast serve, Coach Aoi suspends the match as there is a danger of Eiichiro getting injured.

After Takuma leaves the premises, Eiichiro demands a reason behind Coach Aoi's actions. Coach Aoi explains to Eiichiro that he has underestimated Eiichiro's analysis ability - not only Eiichiro manages to realize the importance of a fast serve but he is starting to develop it in order for him to use it. Eiichiro has to have knowledge and physical training in order to utilize such serve else Eiichiro will get injured in his waist, shoulder, elbow or wrist. Eiichiro gets surprised as he, indeed, focused on those body parts and learns that Coach Aoi ended up retiring from professional tennis player due to injury. While Eiichiro is still no match for Takuma, Coach Aoi tells Eiichiro that since Eiichiro has the capability of hitting speed serves, he has train his body in order to evolve his serve further.