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Eiichiro and Miyagawa face each other in the third round of Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit. Eiichiro barely manages to keep his service games but he realizes that Miyagawa has been observing him throughout the match. With this realization and currently at the edge, Eiichiro decides to take risk in order to counter Miyagawa's attacks.


Eiichiro and Miyagawa are now about to face in a match. Eiichiro wonders on how he feels since he feels calm when he usually feels nervous. Natsu, Takuma, Coach Miura among others, are present to watch this match.

S1E10 Miyagawa being frustrated

Miyagawa being frustrated due to his losing streak

Miyagawa is the first to serve. He utilizes his ground strokes in order to win a point against Eiichiro. Eiichiro can barely return most of the shots even though he knows where the ball is going. Since he has to be alert on Miyagawa's ground strokes, he aims at Miyagawa's serves instead in order to lose some spin and he can deal with the attacks better. Miyagawa remembers his frustrations due to his losing streak before, adding the pressure that his family runs a tennis club. He decides to practice his ground strokes so that he does not need to worry on hard or soft shots, which later on, becomes his weapon.

As Coach Miura and the others continue to watch the match, Coach Miura comments that Eiichiro has the chance to win against Miyagawa due to his court-covering and control. However, Eiichiro has to overcome his weakness - his lack of specialty or winning shot. Eiichiro heavily relies on his opponent's errors and his defenses and due to that, he cannot do a good offense, which is considered to be a disadvantage at higher kind of plays.

S1E10 Eiichiro aiming at Miyagawas ground stroke

Eiichiro aims at Miyagawa's ground stroke in order to counter Miyagawa's attack

The following games lead to a stalemate in the match since both players manage to keep their service games. Miyagawa keeps his with ease while Eiichiro barely manages at all. During their break, Eiichiro feels something is wrong in the match. He then realizes through his notes that (1) Miyagawa has been experimenting throughout the match on what ground strokes should work against Eiichiro (2) He will definitely attack on the next game in order to end the match, and; (3) He does not have a winning shot. With this, Eiichiro takes a risk in order to determine on how to counter Miyagawa's attack and not to lose. This results to Miyagawa forces to change tactics and commits errors, leading for Eiichiro to keep his service game.

Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Yuki and his friend were not present in the manga. Thus, the parts when Yuki explains to his friend the basics of a tennis match were not included.


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