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Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit



Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, some terminologies are explained:
    • Natsu tells about three-set matches for semi-finals and finals match and the reason an underhand serve can cause surprise during a game.
    • Kageyama explains the meaning of 'break'.
  • There are some flashbacks in the anime when it shows the effort Eiichiro did in the past year in order to improve his tennis style.
  • In the manga, the checkered design in Yukichi's t-shirt is outside the rabbit outline while in the anime, it is inside the rabbit outline.
  • In the flashback, when Takuma won the Kanagawa Junior Championship, U-12 Boys Division, the manga stated that Takuma was 11 years old during that time while Araya was 10.


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