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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, comments of Eiichiro taking the flow for the second time are not present.
  • After Araya punches himself in order to have a better control of his own emotions, the anime shows how Araya gets his third game - first a deuce, then advantage: Araya, then, finally, Araya wins. Natsu also explains to Sasaki what 'deuce' means.
  • After the second set's score becomes 3 - 1 (Araya leads), in the anime, Eiichiro did not comment anything related to differences of experiences. Also, some of the comments of the unknown spectators during the game were done by Natsu and Yukichi instead.
  • On Eiichiro's third time to successfully hit Araya's counter, his left arm is raised in the anime while in the manga, his left hand is near to his right hand. Also, in the anime, his feet slide upon hitting the ball while in the manga, he dashes to hit the ball.
  • When Araya smashes the ball in order to win his fourth game, the ball hits outside the service line in the manga while the ball hits inside the service line in the anime.
  • During change ends after the second set's score reaches 5 - 4 (Araya leads), in the anime, Eiichiro is writing the probabilities in relation to Araya's serves (The explanation of each number is explained in the latter part of the episode). In the manga, it did not give any specifics on what Eiichiro wrote in his notebook (still, the probabilities on each Araya's serve are explained).
  • When Coach Miura explains the reason that Eiichiro's last service game is important, in the anime, Araya represents the player in the service game while Eiichiro represents the player in the return game. In the manga, two unknown players represent the service game and return game.
  • The explanation regarding Araya changing the course of the ball at the last minute due to his wrist is done by Takuma and Coach Miura in the anime and Eiichiro (while thinking) in the manga.


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