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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • When Eiichiro lost the game, in the anime, Eiichiro is facing Araya while in the manga, Eiichiro is not.
  • Miyagawa's comment about Araya and Eiichiro maturing is not present in the anime.
  • On Ike's first appearance, in the manga, Ike is already checking one of Eiichiro's notebooks when Eiichiro sees him (Eiichiro's bag is opened by Ike). In the anime, Ike is only looking at Eiichiro's bag without opening it. When he sees Eiichiro, he gets the notebook that Eiichiro is currently holding and checks the contents.
  • When Ike's manager is calling Ike, Ike's cellphone in the manga is a flip phone type while in the anime, Ike uses a smartphone.
  • Ike's conversation inside the car are not present in the anime.
  • The comments regarding Eiichiro being lucky in this tournament are not present in the anime.
  • When Eiichiro announces to Coach Miura about Ike, Masumi is seen wearing her medal in the manga while in the anime, she does not have any medal.
  • When Kageyama asks the reason Ike is in Japan, Takuma assumes that Ike is for the ATG Open (manga) / Japan Open (anime).
  • Eiichiro answers Kageyama regarding All-Japan Junior Tournament.
  • The manga mentions that Miyagawa and Oobayashi go in the same school.
  • Before Eiichiro takes his dinner, the anime has a brief moment of Eiichiro recalls Natsu's comment about his frustration in losing the match against Araya.


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