Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit



Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • During Ike's visit in STC courts, in manga:
    • Eiichiro manages to play against Ike twice.
    • Ike looks not tired even though he fought against STC member during 10-minute practice.
    • Natsu punches Ike when Ike attempts to kiss her.
  • In anime, while bathing, Eiichiro reflects on what he experienced during his match against Ike.
  • On Eiichiro's first day of body transformation training, the manga give an elaborated reason behind the current regimen Coach Miura uses for Eiichiro.
  • The day before Coach Miura goes to Osaka, Yukichi is present during Eiichiro's training in the manga.
  • When Takuma approaches Eiichiro who is watching Kanda's match,
    • In the manga, Azusa Sumiyoshi is with Takuma while in the anime, Azusa is not present.
    • When Morimoto is explaining to everyone present the contents of the interview, in the manga, he asks who Eiichiro is and when Eiichiro introduces himself, Morimoto simply ignores Eiichiro after, much to Eiichiro's disappointment and Azusa consoling him.
  • When Eiichiro accompanies Nabae to watch other seeded players,
    • Nabae gives information about Takahashi, Azusa and Takuma in the manga. In the anime, Nabae only gives information about Takuma.
    • In the manga, Nabae's opponent's name is given during an announcement.
  • When Eiichiro watches Nabae's match, in the manga, Natsu approaches Eiichiro first while in the anime, Miyagawa calls out Eiichiro first.


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