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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, Yukichi mentions the top 4 in the All-Japan Junior Tournament. Aside from Nabae (winner) and Takuma (runner-up), Takahashi and Kanda are semi-finalists.
  • On the illustration when Coach Miura is explaining about "active rest", the 'weak' and 'strong' part on the 'body' are interchanged in the anime. 'Strong' should be at the top while 'weak' at the bottom.
  • On Eiichiro's second round against Sakai, in the anime, it happened on Court 2 while Court 4 in the manga.
  • Eiichiro's phone conversation with Kageyama is not included in the manga.
  • The parts in the Oosugi Festival when Koshimizu is involved.
    • In the manga, Eiichiro asks Sasaki for instructions and Koshimizu did not appear. Eiichiro only hands out pamphlets and provides directions to the vistors.
    • In the anime, Eiichiro asks Koshimizu instead since Koshimizu is part of the committee and student council, thus, Eiichiro asks as a ghost and a butler. Later, at Sasaki's instruction (since Koshimizu tells Eiichiro to help Sasaki), Eiichiro hands out pamphlets and provide directions. Kageyama also asks Sasaki for instructions since he is bored.


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