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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Kageyama and Sasaki's reaction when Natsu smiles and blushes at Eiichiro is only present in the anime. On the other hand, Eiichiro asking Yukichi about the results of his match is only present in the manga.
  • In the anime, Eiichiro's jacket is fully closed while a bit open in the manga.
  • The scenes after Natsu left the group to prepare for her next day's matches are included only in the anime.
  • While Eiichiro is running laps and a stranger is standing at the door of STC,
    • At first pass, in the anime, the stranger is looking at Eiichiro while in the manga, he is looking somewhere else.
    • At third pass, in the anime, the stranger is looking inside STC with his left hand raised and placed near his head while his right hand is in his pocket. In the manga, both hands are inside the pockets while he checks if there is someone inside the premises of STC.
  • When the stranger notices Eiichiro's running form, in the anime, the stranger mentions his analysis behind Eiichiro's posture before he presses Eiichiro's lower back.
  • Eiichiro and Yukichi congratulating Natsu is only in the anime.
  • The manga shows the results of matches in the top 4's boys' division.
  • During practice, Natsu wears long sleeved shirt in the manga while short sleeved shirt in the anime.
  • The way Coach Miura wears his jacket is different in the manga and anime.
  • When Kageyama is reminding Eiichiro about what happened to him in his middle school cram exams, in the anime, Eiichiro is wearing blazers while in manga, he is wearing a gakuran.
  • When Natsu appears to meet up with Kageyama and Eiichiro, she has star-patterned jacket in the manga while circle-patterned jacket in the anime.


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