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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • When Natsu and Eiichiro are inside the tennis shop, in the manga, they are looking at the shoes while in the anime, they are looking at the rackets.
  • While Coach Aoi checks the things Eiichiro did in the past two days, in the manga, aside from what was included in the anime, Eiichiro also did something at 22:00 and 23:00. The anime actually reveals what Eiichiro did at 22:00 but it did not specify the time.
  • When the training has finished and Eiichiro is still has his weight training, Coach Aoi mentions this in the anime while in the manga, it is Coach Miura.
  • When Coach Aoi mentions that Eiichiro should go to America, in the manga, the background includes Barack Obama while in the anime, it is Abraham Lincoln.
  • At the airport, in the manga, only Eiichiro's mother is present while in the anime, Kageyama and Sasaki are present as well.
  • The scenes that are only included in the manga:
    • Natsu and Eiichiro's moments when Eiichiro is pondering what Natsu feels for him.
    • When Eiichiro is practicing his strokes with Coach Aoi, Coach Aoi makes Eiichiro to remember how Eiichiro hit the ball and its landing point to improve control.
    • Coach Aoi teaches the "between-the-legs" shot.
    • Coach Aoi mentions that Yuki Tajima also went to America for improving the tennis style. He only mentions of Takuma and Natsu in the anime.
    • Eiichiro asks permission to his parents regarding to the short-term study in Florida.
    • Eiichiro is starting to practice his English.
  • The scenes that are only included in the anime:
    • Coach Miura talks about the paperwork for Eiichiro's short-term study.
    • Eiichiro's day of departure is mentioned.
    • Takuma appeared.
    • The classroom scene with Eiichiro, Kageyama, Sasaki and their other classmates. Eiichiro mentions that he will have a short-term study during their winter break so he cannot able to join them for New Year.
    • Eiichiro's practice on the day before his departure.
    • Eiichiro seeing Natsu on the day of her match (and the day of his departure) in order to cheer for her.
    • Eiichiro's flashbacks of people related to him (rivals, classmates, family) while inside the plane and checking of Natsu's message when he feels too much tension.


  • In the karaoke, Eiichiro sings "Believe in Yourself", the anime's opening theme while Natsu sings "Baby Steps", the anime's ending theme.


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