Extra Chapter (番外編 Bangaihen) is the special chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Kageyama used to hate honor students like Eiichiro but due to Eiichiro's perseverance, Kageyama starts to get along with Eiichiro until they become best friends.


Eiichiro and Kageyama were just 10 years old and classmates. Eiichiro was the class representative and Kageyama still hated students like Eiichiro who was an honor student, a teacher's pet who got all-As.

Eiichiro and Kageyama's class are preparing for the field day next week. Eiichiro and Kageyama are in the soccer team and was put as defense. Kageyama thinks that Eiichiro and he (plus their other two classmates) are put at the defense because they are considered useless. When Eiichiro says that he will do his best, Kageyama wonders if Eiichiro did not realize that they were put in an unwanted position and is in a desperate position in order to be liked by everyone.

Three days later, Kageyama sees Eiichiro practicing soccer. As Kageyama is about to leave, Eiichiro calls Kageyama and invites him for practice. Kageyama brushes off Eiichiro, telling Eiichiro if he is that desperate to be liked but for Eiichiro, it will be more fun if they will try harder and learn as much they can for their assigned roles. Kageyama has no choice but to join Eiichiro for practice.

On field day, Kageyama and Eiichiro are positioned in defense when the best athlete of the opponent team is coming. As Kageyama feels that it is the worst situation for them, he remembers his practice with Eiichiro and tries to apply it. He fails to steal the ball but he manages to slow down their opponent. He calls out Eiichiro who is already in position. Eiichiro has successfully stolen the ball from the opponent and passes the ball to his teammate, which later on, resulted on their win. Eiichiro approaches Kageyama to celebrate their win. While Eiichiro thinks that both of them did it as Kageyama was able to slow down their opponent but for Kageyama, if not for their practices in the past few days, they would not able to do it. Kageyama thinks that Eiichiro is a weird guy but he finds Eiichiro to be cooler than he imagined and later, they became best friends.

Fast forward on the present time, Kageyama and Eiichiro are talking about their teacher being worried for Eiichiro as Eiichiro spends his time in tennis. Eiichiro is really glad that he started playing tennis. As Eiichiro is about to leave, Kageyama silently cheers for his best friend - that his best friend will become amazing at a certain field.