Extra Chapter (番外編 Bangaihen) is the special chapter of manga, Baby Steps, released in Magazine Special 2011 Issue No.10.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Nakajou overhears the conversation about Natsu and Eiichiro's relationship. She mistakes Yukichi as Natsu's new boyfriend.


While Nakajou is taking her time inside the hot springs, she notices Natsu, Kosaka and Makihara are talking about Natsu's boyfriend. Nakajou is surprised to know that Natsu and her boyfriend has just started going out the day before of the competition and was pissed on how Natsu seems to be pretty confident while she works hard. She continues to listen as the STC members talk about how the confession went, why Natsu chooses Eiichiro over Soji and why makes Natsu like Eiichiro. Nakajou wonders what kind of person Eiichiro is so when she hears Natsu talking to a boy, she assumes that Natsu is talking to her boyfriend. The boy turns out to be Yukichi which causes Nakajou to misinterpret the whole scene and leaves. After that, Eiichiro appears and starts to take care of Natsu while Natsu is checking Eiichiro's notes.

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