Florida Tennis Academy Arc
No of Chapters 23
Chapter Start Chapter 68
Chapter End Chapter 90
No of Episodes 6
Episode Start Episode 24 (S1)
Episode End Episode 4 (S2)
Debut Characters
Ryuhei Aoi  •  Alex O'Brien  •  Marcia O'Brien  •  Atsushi Taira  •  Krishna Ramesh  •  Kevin Morland  •  Pedro  •  Christopher
All Japan Junior Indoor, Kantou Preliminary Arc Return to Japan Arc
List of Story Arcs

Florida Tennis Academy Arc is the fifth arc in the series which Eiichiro experiences professional training from Coach Aoi and from his short term study at Florida Tennis Academy. It lasted for 23 chapters and 6 episodes.


Important PointsEdit


Eiichiro's First Meeting with Coach AoiEdit

Chapters: Chapter 68 to Chapter 71
Episodes: Episode 24 (S1) to Episode 25 (S1)

Eiichiro's First Trip in AmericaEdit

Chapters: Chapter 71 to Chapter 73
Episodes: Episode 25 (S1) to Episode 1 (S2)

Eiichiro's Struggles and his Losing HabitEdit

Chapters: Chapter 74 to Chapter 80
Episodes: Episode 1 (S2) to Episode 2 (S2)

Eiichiro's First Match of the Year: A Match Against IkeEdit

Chapters: Chapter 81 to Chapter 82
Episodes: Episode 3 (S2)

A Rematch! Match Between Eiichiro and AlexEdit

Chapters: Chapter 82 to Chapter 89
Episodes: Episode 3 (S2) to Episode 4 (S2)

Eiichiro Leaving AmericaEdit

Chapters: Chapter 90
Episodes: Episode 4 (S2)


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