Hiromi Iwasa (岩佐博水) studies at Sekei High School. He was the fourth seed at the first Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit and the third seed at the second competition. He decides to quit tennis after losing to Eiichiro Maruo and graduating from High School.



He enjoys reading books and painting. Although he is a fairly quiet person, he gets excited when he talks about the topic of paintings and drawing.



Iwasa is an all-rounder player who is considered to be an expert in "change-of-pace" strategy in Kanagawa Prefecture. He uses this strategy to "draw" pictures. For instance, during his match against Eiichiro, he "draws" Avenue of Poplars (ポプラの小道 Popura no Komichi), one of the works of Van Gogh, by using a series of lobs. Since his attacks are based on what he wants to draw instead of countering opponent's attacks, many opponents find him very difficult to read. He is also an instinctive type of player, similar to Natsu Takasaki. Eiichiro believes that if only Iwasa focuses on being a tennis pro instead of playing just to "draw" out of whim, Iwasa can become a more dangerous opponent.


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