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Location venue for Kanto Junior

Location venue

Kantou Junior Tennis Tournament (関東ジュニアテニス大会 Kantō Junia Tenisu Taikai), also known as Kanto Teenagers Tennis Championship[1], is a Grade 2 tournament which features the top 64 junior tennis players in 7 prefectures and one metropolis in the Kantou Area[2]. A player included in top 16 of this tournament will be able to participate in the All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament.[3]


Male Players
Seed No Name Affiliation
1 Yu Nabae
2 Takayuki Okada
3 Hiroshi Araya
4 Sakuya Takagi
5 Yoshiaki Ide
6 Norihiko Mogami
7 Tomoharu Oota
8 Terashima Hayato
9 Inoue Kiichi
10 Hiroto Narikiyo
11 Kazuma Ono
16 Teppei Kishi
Eiichiro Maruo STC
Female Players
Seed No Name Affiliation
4 Megumi Nakajou

Notable MatchesEdit


Final Rankings
Rank Male Female
Winner Hiroshi Araya Natsu Takasaki
Runner up Yu Nabae [[]]
Semi Finalists Eiichiro Maruo [[]]
Takayuki Okada [[]]


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