Kouji Nishimura (西村浩司) is one of the players from Kanagawa. He is from the GI Tennis Club, same as the Kanagawa's number 1 seed, Hiroshi Araya.


Kouji has short black hair




According to Hiroshi, Kouji is a good player and has been undergoing fast improvement. He has a strong physique and good mental attitude. He is a Basliner and uses his physique to play strong shots.

The overall extent of his strength is unknown since he was totally dominated by Eiichiro during their match.


Hiroshi ArayaEdit

Hiroshi is the senior of Kouji at their tennis club. Hiroshi has a lot of faith in Kouji and considers him as a good player.

Tennis MatchesEdit

Kanagawa Prefecture Junior Tennis CompetitionEdit


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