Road to Professional Arc
No of Chapters 10
Chapter Start Chapter 47
Chapter End Chapter 56
No of Episodes 3
Episode Start Episode 18 (S1)
Episode End Episode 20 (S1)
Debut Characters
Soji Ike  •  Hisashi Kanda  •  Yu Nabae  •  Azusa Sumiyoshi  •  Kisya Miyamoto  •  Kousuke Takahashi
Second Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit Arc All Japan Junior Indoor, Kantou Preliminary Arc
List of Story Arcs

Road to Professional Arc is the third arc in the series which concentrates on Eiichiro's Body Transformation training menu for his dream of becoming a professional tennis player. It lasted for 10 chapters and 3 episodes.


  • Practice Match between Eiichiro Maruo and Soji Ike
  • STC Cup Kanagawa Tournament
    • Official Match between Eiichiro Maruo and Hayato Terashima

Important PointsEdit

  • First Meeting with Ike who has just started his professional tennis career
  • Eiichiro's talk with his parents to pursue a tennis career
  • The beginning of Eiichiro's training towards his goal of becoming a professional player
  • Overview on All Japan Junior and its top-seeded players


Meeting with Soji Ike, a Professional Tennis PlayerEdit

Chapters: Chapter 47, Chapter 48, Chapter 49
Episodes: Episode 17 (S1), Episode 18 (S1)

Eiichiro's Resolve to Professional Tennis WorldEdit

Chapters: Chapter 50, Chapter 51, Chapter 52
Episodes: Episode 18 (S1), Episode 19 (S1)

First Look on All Japan JuniorEdit

Chapters: Chapter 53, Chapter 54
Episodes: Episode 19 (S1)

The Start of Displaying the Fruit of Eiichiro's EffortEdit

Chapters: Chapter 55, Chapter 56
Episodes: Episode 20 (S1)


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