Ryou Oobayashi (大林良) is one of the top seeded players in Kanagawa Prefecture. He was Eiichiro Maruo's first official opponent in a tournament match.


Oobayashi has short hair and is often seen wearing a polo shirt when playing tennis


Usually Oobayashi is calm and composed while playing and outside the court. But it is hinted that at his school, he has a bit louder and more leader like personality.



Oobayashi is a very skilled player and was also the captain of his high school team. He was always among the top 5 seeds in the prefecture. He also has a keen intellect and was able to see through Eiichiro during their first match very easily.

Serve and VolleyEdit

Oobayashi is a specialist Serve and Volley Player. He is an expert when it comes to rallying.

Tennis MatchesEdit


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