Ryuhei Aoi (青井竜平) is a coach at Southern Tennis Club and primarily assists Eiichiro Maruo on his journey to become a professional tennis player. He was formerly ranked 10th in the Japanese Tennis Association (JTA), but retired after receiving an injury.


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Ryuhei has the appearance of a middle-aged man, despite being only 28. He has patchy stubble and small roughly settled hair.


Ryuhei has a calm personality and likes players to take it easy while working hard at the same time. He advises Eiichiro to depend on both his instincts and knowledge or he will lose all his skill and end up being weak. He also cares for his students and even stopped Eiichiro when he tried to develop a fast serve without any prior training.



Ryuhei has a lot of knowledge about the human body and the injuries that can happen. He was able to tell just by looking at Eiichiro's posture that he had done excessive exercise and his hips had swollen up. He also helped Eiichiro train his small body in such a way that he was able to hit a fast serve.


Eiichiro MaruoEdit

Initially, Eiichiro saw Ryuhei in the evening when he was standing outside the Club for a long time and Eiichiro was suspicious of him. Later, when he was introduced as a coach, Eiichiro was not happy as Ryuhei told him to go and rest for a couple of days rather than helping him train. But later, after seeing the results, Eiichiro started respecting him and listening to his advice.


  • Does not like the smell of the flowers