Sakuya Takagi (高木朔夜) is one of the tennis players included in the All Japan Junior. He is known to defeat Yu Nabae in an unofficial match.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Blond hair with a mole below his left eye.

Rude & nasty looking.



He is an all-rounder who's devoted to fundamentals & has few blind spots. He seems to have good control with both his forehand & backhand. According to Ei-chan, his serves & groundstrokes seem to be at a high-level. At certain times, he's capable of hitting quick serves, serves you hit before the toss falls down.

He's known to be a nasty, erratic opponent. During the match, he glares at his opponent to add psychological pressure. At random times, he'll perform an unexpected underhand serve to throw off his opponents.


Yu NabaeEdit

Nabae and Takagi are classmates and affiliated in the same tennis club.

Tennis MatchesEdit



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