Soji Ike (池爽児), also known as Sou-Chan, is a professional tennis player who was previously a member of Southern Tennis Club. He was introduced to tennis by Natsu Takasaki and quickly surpassed her and players of his age. Soji is ranked in the top 10 in japan.


Ike has spiky light brownish hair and brown eyes. He has a pair of sharp eyebrows and a relatively large mouth. He is seen usually wearing a t-shirt.


He is very playful and enjoys jokes and pranks. During tennis matches, he is very aggressive and enjoys dominating and crushing his opponents.


Because there wasn't any strong Japanese player in his age, Soji went to Florida to play and continue his study.


Natsu and Eiichiro went to watch Soji's debut match in the ATP open. Soji wins his first match against Hardwich ( Ranked 50th ), but loses his second match.


According to Eichiro, Soji has a smooth stroke with no needless motion when he moves toward the ball. He can hit a variety of shots with overwhelming power. According to Natsu, Soji is a dangerous player to face.

His skills are pretty much known to be at a pro level. (Ex: In the past, He defeated Takuma with a set score of 6-0, 6-0.)

It's shown that during his 2nd match against Eiichiro, he could counter the opportunities of his opponents' attacks like their best stroke or a smash.


Natsu TakasakiEdit

  • Soji and Natsu are childhood Friends.
  • Natsu is the one who introduced Soji to tennis.

Tennis MatchesEdit