Southern Tennis Club
Southern Tennis Club, STC is a tennis club in Kanagawa. It is the club Maruo joined in order to have proper exercise but later aimed to become professional.


STC has trained a lot of professionals in tennis. A lot of those professionals end up as trainer at the club after they quit being a pro tennis player, for example Eiichirou's coach Ryuhei Aoi.


  • A large outdoor area of tennis courts available for training
  • Gym with training exercises
STC Tennis Court Rankings

Tennis Court Rankings

  • Indoor Tennis Courts which mainly supervises young adults who aim to become professionals.The indoor tennis court has six fields. Each field is named with a letter, representing their ability in tennis. F is the lowest class and A the highest class. Since Eiichirou used to be a total beginner, at first he wasn't even allowed on the F court and had to practice in the hallway.