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Takayuki Okada (岡田 隆行) is one of the strongest players who participated in the Kanto Junior Tennis Competition. He was 2nd seed behind Yu Nabae.



Takayuki has a habit of mumbling bad comments with a negative attitude during his matches.



He is a very skilled player who is 2nd seed in the Kanto Junior Tennis Competition. He also defeated Hiroshi Araya in the semi-finals of the same tournament. He is an aggressive baseliner.

Rising Flat ShotEdit

Takayuki is skilled in rising flat shot. He returns everything with a rising flat shot with high accuracy.


Yoshiaki IdeEdit

Takyuki has a close relationship with Yoshiaki Ide. They are seen together at the Kanto Junior during the match between Yu Nabae and Eiichiro Maruo.

Tennis MatchesEdit

All-Japan Junior Indoor Selectionals, Kantou Preliminaries

  • Takayuki Okada vs Hiroshi Araya 4-6 7-5 7-5 (Win) Semi-Finals
  • Takayuki Okada vs Yu Nabae 6-4 6-4 (Lose) Finals

Kanto Tournament Edit

  • Takayuki Okada vs Saijou 6-0 6-2 (Win) Round 4
  • Takayuki Okada vs Hiroshi Araya 5-7 6-2 4-6 (Lose) Semi-Finals


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