Takuya Miyagawa (宮川 卓也) is one of the top players in Kanagawa prefecture, but his All Japan seeding is not very high. He and Ryou Oobayashi used to go to same school.


Takuya has a tall height of 180 cm for his age. Initially he had longer hair but later on, he shortened his hair. He has brown colored hair and is usually seen in his tennis clothes.


Takuya has a very friendly personality outside the court, tending to think of things at his own pace, with strange trains of thought. As soon as the match starts, though, he gets pumped up and plays with an aggressive mindset. During the breaks in the match, he drinks Kelp tea and eats pickles in order to keep his fatigue to minimum.

As a kid, Takuya was not good at tennis and thus used to stay upset all the time. He was worried as being a heir to Miyagawa T.A, he needed to become a good tennis player.



As a kid, Takuya was not very skilled as he could not understand complicated tennis plays and shots. Thus he developed his own tennis without any sensitive stroke plays or strategic shots.

Seven Coloured StrokesEdit

Seven Coloured Strokes are the strokes that complete the tennis of Takuya. After training extremely hard, he has developed seven different strokes for different situations. In a match, Takuya plays all his shots with a full swing. He has gained enough control over his shots to hit them accurately.

Drive VolleyEdit

Its a secret weapon developed by Takuya by using the full swing as he uses for his other strokes while volleying. Its form is same as the normal volley. Its a perfect volley stroke for someone like Takuya who specializes in full swing shots.


Ryou OobayashiEdit

Takuya went to same school as Ryou and thus they were close to each other. Even after graduating and joining a college, Ryou came to see Takuya's matches.

Eiichiro MaruoEdit

Takuya met Eiichiro after Eiichiro's match with Ryou. They were initially just friends but next year when Eiichiro defeated Takuya at the Kanagawa Junior tournament, he started considering Eiichiro as his rival. He also started to change his play style after their match.

Tennis MatchesEdit