Hayato Terashima (寺島隼人) is a good tennis player in Kanagawa prefecture. He was 16th seed in the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit Year 2.


He has a scruffy hairstyle and sharp broad eyebrows. He is seen wearing a polo shirt when playing tennis, and often eats bananas during breaks within matches.


He seems calm, collected, and cautious.


He was only seen playing with Maruo Eichiro in the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit and STC Cup Kanagawa Tournament; He lost both of them.


Hayato is a good tennis player, considering that he was seeded in Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit and STC Cup Kanagawa Tournament.

According to Ei-chan:

He's an aggressive all-rounder. He uses his powerful forehand to take control so he can move to the net. He really shines when the match is fast-paced.


Tennis MatchesEdit



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