• Imangascans, the team who handled the release of unofficial English scans until now, has released a statement regarding on Baby Steps' Unofficial English scans. According to them,

    The folks at Angelic Scanlations have offered to help, so we’re transferring the series to them and offering them any assistance as they need it. (Source).

    Just a simple heads up for those people who are (im)patiently waiting for the release of English scans. And remember to buy the manga/anime DVD/whatever original merchandise to show your support to the mangaka if you can! /wink

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    • Yup just saw it on Reddit as well, so excited XD but I've completely forgotten the plot already.

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    • Lol, at least your wish(?) came true. XD Time to catch up so that you will remember the events. /evil smirk

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