• Just a simple heads up! (Does anyone check the forums, on the first place? XD /sweatdrops)

    Due to some committed priorities in IRL, the updates ... or rather, the activities in this wikia will be slower than usual. What does it mean?

    • Expect that the upcoming updates will be either character listing (in the manga chapter) or one image tagging
    • Episode and Chapter summary will be postponed until further notice
    • Responses on inquiries may be slower (may reach days)

    Yes, the updates are already slow compared to other communities and now, it will become even slower. Kind of bad, right? ^^;; Nonetheless, feel free to contribute in this wikia - something that will be helpful for all of us. If vandalism occurs, immediate action will be done.

    For the mean time, enjoy reading the updates in the manga. If you have comments, suggestions or (violent) reactions, feel free to leave a message.


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    • Cheers!

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