• Those who are wishing for season 3, it seems that you have to wait further. It was announced that Baby Steps is going to have a live action adaptation, as mentioned in the 27th issue of Weekly Shounen Magazine (where Baby Steps manga is currently serialized).

    As such, whether we can put details about it or not ... let's see. Probably the cast? But for now, just hope that there will be raws available.

    Source: At ANN

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    • Cast for the main characters:

      For more information, please check the source(s). :)

      Source: At ANN and Amazon

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    • We sure have frequent updates recently due to its live action news. XD

      This time, according to, the live action of Baby Steps is one of the shows that is planned to be released to specific countries outside of Japan.

      Stay tuned to see how things will go in relation to this topic. :D

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