Character pages need a lot of work especially on the content part. If you want to contribute but you do not have an idea on what to contribute, this may help. :Dv

As of Jan. 24, 2015, no progress table is provided. Still, feel free to put relevant information especially the parts not yet translated in English. ^^;;


The following lists the subsections that each character article should have:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Plot (his/her involvement in plot per story arc. See Story Arcs for the list.)
  • Relationship (add subsection indicating the name of the character or affiliation)
  • References
  • Navigation

If the character is a tennis player (current or former), the following subsections should be added (after Personality subsection):

  • Skills (for instance, what playing style s/he uses? or what does s/he do to win the match?)
  • Achievements (if mentioned; for instance, Winner of XOXO Tennis Tournament)
  • Tennis Matches (official or unofficial)
    • Matches/Header template (required; first one after writing the Tennis Matches subsection.)
    • Matches template (for matches shown in the manga and aired in the anime)
    • Matches/Spoilers template (for matches shown in the manga but not aired in the anime)
    • Do NOT forget to add |} at the end after the last row of "Tennis Matches" table.

Also, in the introductory paragraph (the paragraph before table of contents), the current achievement of the character should be mentioned.

Infobox Character

This list the details that can be filled up for the character's infobox. If no data was given, you can leave it blank. |image = can only be used if only one image is provided for the character while |double image = is used if there is a picture for anime and another for manga. If |double image = is used, no need to use |image = and vice versa.

{{Infobox Character
|image = 
|double image = {{Switch|option1=Anime|[[File:|280px]]|option2=Manga|[[File:|280px]]}}
|kanji = 
|romaji = 
|nickname = 
|gender = 
|birthday = 
|zodiac = 
|bloodtype = 
|height = 
|weight = 
|hair = 
|occupation = 
|family = 
|school = 
|affiliation = 
|style = 
|racket = 
|offense = 
|defense = 
|mental = 
|technique = 
|physical =
|manga = 
|anime = 
|seiyu = 


This is seriously needed especially on the 'Plot' subsection. Whenever possible, it is in .PNG format to ensure high quality of the image. Utilize slideshows of our dearest wikia (for instance, when a player is doing an awesome attack that cannot be easily shown in one mere image).

Do not worry too much on the format if you feel problematic on layout. Others will adjust that for you ... someday. xD

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