Most of the story arcs have pages and a bit of content but as of May 23, 2015, it only covers up to All Japan Junior Tennis Tournament. Feel free to suggest titles for the future arcs. ^^;;

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or even violent reactions on this page or add relevant information on the story arc's article page. No one will bite you ... probably.

List of Story Arcs

See Story Arcs for more information.

List of Subsections

Each article must have the following subsections:

  • Matches
    • Practice Matches
    • <name of the Tennis Tournament>
      • <list of matches shown in the anime/manga; if too many, include only the major matches (both players are well-known/high-seeded in the tournament)>
  • Important Points - events that may cause a major change on one or more characters (i.e improvement in ability)
  • Synopsis
    • A subtitle that can (almost) perfectly describe the events (i.e Match between Eiichiro and Nabae) (use === === (h3 heading))
      • Chapters involved
      • Episodes involved (if already animated)
      • Details regarding the event
  • Navigation

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