Some of the tennis tournaments have the list of players and their corresponding results while other tournament do not even have a page here yet. The tournament articles can be helpful for those who want to know more about the results of the tennis matches at once instead of checking the page of each character.

Feel free to add information (on what was stated in manga and/or anime), lists the name of players (since sometimes, the tournament bracket for the tournament is given) or add pictures. :Dv

Also, when one is adding information on a tennis match of a character, please use the tennis tournaments listed here for consistency. If you notice a bit different to the list, feel free to change it.

List of Tennis Tournaments

List of Subsections

Each tennis tournament article should have the following subsection:

  • List of Players
  • List of Seeded Players
  • Tennis Results (per match)
  • Final Rankings

If a tournament happens more than once (for instance, Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit happened thrice during the story or All Japan Junior Tennis Tournament happened twice), separate the events by 'Year 1', 'Year 2' etc.


==Year 1==
===List of Players===
===List of Seeded Players===
===Tennis Results (per match)===
===Final Rankings===

==Year 2==
===List of Players===
===List of Seeded Players===
===Tennis Results (per match)===
===Final Rankings===

For now, no template is available for Tennis Results (per match) so list it in bullet format. Make sure it has the following details:

  • Players involved
  • Scores
  • Notable Matches (+ important points happened in the match)
  • Winner of the match

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