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Volume 3 (DVD) (S2)
V3S2 DVD box
Release Date January 20, 2016
ISBN (JP) 4988013325586
Episode 17 (S2)  •  Episode 18 (S2)  •  Episode 19 (S2)  •  Episode 20 (S2)  •  Episode 21 (S2)  •  Episode 22 (S2)  •  Episode 23 (S2)  •  Episode 24 (S2)  •  Episode 25 (S2)
Cover Characters
Yusaku Miura  •  Ryuhei Aoi  •  Takuma Egawa  •  Eiichiro Maruo  •  Soji Ike  •  Natsu Takasaki  •  Yukichi Fukazawa  •  Kojirou Kageyama  •  Himeko Sasaki
Debut Characters
Volume 2 (DVD) (S2)

Volume 3 is the third volume for the anime series Baby Steps which covers Episode 17 to 25 of 2nd season.

List of EpisodesEdit


Important PointsEdit


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