Yukichi Fukazawa (深沢 諭吉) is a member of Southern Tennis Club and a friend of Eiichiro Maruo. He has knowledge of many recurring tennis players and calls Eiichiro, Aniki (兄貴 aniki) which means big brother.


Yukichi's head has features of a chestnut and potato. He has really short black hair and freckles on his face.


Yukichi is a friendly person and is the first person to become Eiichiro Maruo's friend at the Southern Tennis Club. He shows admiration for Eiichiro Maruo and Soji Ike, and calls them Aniki and Master respectively.


Introduction to the Tennis World ArcEdit

Road to Professional ArcEdit

All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament ArcEdit




  • Likes clothes, duck meat, French cooking and tennis appreciation[1]
  • Dislikes snow, snails, pickled dish[1]
  • Unlike most tennis players, his favorite racket maker constantly changes - from YONEX → Wilson → prince[1]


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